Driveline: retail power and motion
National retailers and major consumer products manufacturers count on Driveline to handle their in-store merchandising and displays and specialty campaigns.

"We provide effective marketing for businesses that supply everyday consumer necessities. Lake Capital is helping us transition the business from a family business to a faster growing business with enhanced capabilities that are leading to growth in our existing customer base and in obtaining new customers."

Randy Wilson ,
Driveline CEO
We concentrate on high-quality, middle-market, service-based companies with attractive cash flow and the potential for organic and acquisition-driven growth.

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who understands these companies better than we do. Our principals have a track record not only as investors but also as successful entrepreneurs and operators in this sector.

We're well-versed in the dynamics of service businesses. The knowledge and experience we've accumulated enable us to move swiftly and surely.

  • We evaluate companies quickly
  • We perform due diligence rapidly and efficiently
  • We move through a streamlined decision process to get deals done

Our approach is straightforward and open. As business owners get to know us, their enthusiasm grows for what we can accomplish together.

We're flexible and easy to work with. We find ways to structure deals to suit business owners and their businesses. Negotiations go more smoothly. Successful conclusion is more likely.

Typically, we commit equity of $50 million to $75 million to each of our portfolio companies. But the process isn't complicated. Our investment committee is made up of two people -- our founding principals.

So if you're looking for sound opportunities and worthwhile outcomes for your service-based clients, think Lake Capital.