The principals of Lake Capital have built and run successful businesses and developed a team of talented and experienced investment professionals.

We think like entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs, cut from the same cloth as you. We know what it's like to make payroll week after week. We know what it takes to succeed, and we have the know-how and the resources to help make it happen.

We're the choice that offers a unique combination:

  • A source of capital
  • An investment company led by people who are experienced, successful entrepreneurs in their own right, allowing them to understand where you have been and share your vision of the future
  • Support with management and commitment of resources that help your company grow and become more profitable
  • A philosophy founded on principles of true partnership and compatibility
  • A track record of helping to achieve profitable growth


When considering your options, you want to consider financial as well as management issues, and we are knowledgeable and creative in both areas. Whether you're looking for a total or partial sale, partial recapitalization, or the possibility of a management buyout, we've done it all after finding out what's best for not only the business, but also best for the owners. We'll learn what your goals are and work with you to make them happen. For example, is keeping the management team together and motivated critical to the future success of the business? Then that's what we'll support and design into the deal.

We provide management assistance in a real and substantial way -- but we don't micromanage. We provide the tools, the resources, the connections, the strategic advice, and enable you to do what you do best.