Hollywood, CA

Lake Capital invested in Hollywood-based Trailer Park in 2005. Trailer Park is a full-service provider of creative marketing to clients in film, television, and home entertainment. It specializes in producing trailers, teasers, television spots, and print ads for major motion picture studios and cable television networks, along with music, graphics, title design, and advertising and editorial materials. The company maintains strong relationships with all of the major Hollywood studios.

At the end of 2005, Lake Capital helped Trailer Park merge with Creative Domain, the leading provider of creative marketing services to studio clients for home entertainment products, including movies being released on DVD and video games. In July 2007, Lake Capital assisted Trailer Park with its merger with Art Machine, an award-winning design firm specializing in print marketing campaigns for theatrical, home entertainment, publicity, gaming, and cable properties.

With the two mergers, Trailer Park is now the largest creative services company in the industry, with the biggest reach and the only company that can handle every single piece of a marketing campaign. In a fragmented industry where piracy is one of the top concerns of the studios, the "one-stop shop" concept has increasing resonance with clients who want to keep tight control of their productions. Moreover, the ability to oversee every aspect of a campaign allows Trailer Park to bring unity to its work and establish a cohesive "brand" for each one of its clients' productions.

With its size and breadth, Trailer Park has become "delivery agnostic" as to how it crafts solutions for its clients. The company now has the resources to not only stay on top of all of the latest technology trends, creating web sites and mobile campaigns for its clients in addition to traditional trailers, but also is able to invest, with resources provided by Lake Capital, in anticipating changes that will be critical to marketing its clients' productions.