Chicago, IL

In late 2005, Lake Capital had the opportunity to work with an experienced management team, including a former Lake CFO, to start Office Media Network (OMN), a unique advertising and media company that has negotiated an exclusive partnership with Dow Jones & Company. Together, the partners launched The Wall Street Journal Office Network (The WSJ Office Network), a service that delivers the world's leading business news, information, and customized announcements to office buildings on state-of-the-art, flat-panel LCD screens. The WSJ Office Network provides building tenants and visitors with up-to-the-minute news from the Journal's main sections and market indexes, weather, and scrolling breaking-news headlines. Building owners can also use the new medium to communicate important announcements to tenants regarding building-related events, maintenance and security.

Lake committed a significant amount of equity to hire and support OMN's management team and staff, while the company negotiated agreements with leading commercial real estate owners to place the screens in their properties' lobbies and then, subsequently, install the screens -- all of which had to be complete before OMN could begin selling advertising on the screens and realizing revenues.

To date, OMN has partnered with more than a dozen premier property owners and has installed screens in more than 600 buildings in 10 major media markets. The company plans to begin selling advertising space later in 2007, and Lake Capital plans to continue investing in OMN's build-out until the company ramps up its cashflow.