In July 2004, Lake Capital invested in Storecast Merchandising Corporation, a national provider of merchandising services to retailers and consumer product manufacturers. In 2007, the company rebranded to Driveline after having completed four acquisitions that expanded the company's scope of services and retail channel expertise.

Driveline's national network of more than 13,000 professional merchandising employees performs regularly scheduled, dedicated route services and special projects at the store level for a specific retailer or multiple manufacturers. Services include stand-alone, large-scale efforts, such as new store openings, new product launches, and special seasonal/promotional merchandising.  Driveline employees also ensure that client products authorized for distribution are in stock and on the shelf; add new products as approved, set up shelves of products by category according to individual store plans, and monitor overall salability of client products, among other things.

In 2006 and 2007, Driveline acquired four companies -- Archway Merchandising Services, The Service Team, National Retail Services, and Merchandising Corporation of America -- to extend its reach from, primarily, the grocery channel into the mass merchant, dollar store, and home improvement channels, among others.  Lake Capital is working with management to integrate back-office functions and bring systems on to a single platform.  To date, more than $900,000 has been saved in a restructured benefit plan alone.